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PCMW is committed to providing all customers with replacements for windows we have built regardless of the year.

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Aftermarket Disclaimer - Ordering by Part Number

Please read and sign the following terms and conditions below before placing your order to PCMW:

  • When you purchase from PCMW you must agree and acknowledge that PCMW is not responsible for damaged windows during shipping, upon arrival or during installation. Should you window arrive damaged do not accept the delivery from the carrier.
  • PCMW does not accept any returns on windows, glass or any other parts.
  • PCMW can not guarantee the fitment of our window to your boat deck.
  • PCMW will try to our best abilities to provide a window that fits your boat, however, we can not guarantee that the window will be an identical replacement of your original window.
  • PCMW windows can only be fitted to a flat deck.
  • You are responsible for the complete installation of window, as well as any necessary gel coat repair and modifications to boat covers.
  • You are responsible for ensuring you order the correct PCMW product and have provided the correct part number in your order.
  • At the customers discretion if PCMW can not provide glass in the requested dimensions a polycarbonate or acrylic substitute can be used.
  • All order fees (manufacturing, shipping, crating, etc.) must be payed up front, your window will not go into production until fees are paid in full.
  • PCMW can accept payments by VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Cheque or wire transfer.
  • Disclaimer must be signed before any orders can be accepted.
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