If you can imagine it, we can create it

The perfect windshield assembly is a fine balance of design and engineering. Our team of industrial artists, CAD technicians and engineers will work intimately with your group to take a concept and translate it into a working model.

Our designers have access to the most current tools such as Rhino, AutoDesk Inventor, SolidWorks. and stereolithography 3D printing. All these technologies combined allow our team to take a windshield from idea to reality in a short period of time, ensuring the product performs and fits properly before ever producing a production part.

Tiered Design Process

We develop our product through envisioning, modelling and prototyping. Our tiered design process improves the product while it’s being developed, and is a testament to our commitment to innovation and passion that goes into all of our windshields.

We Design & Manufacture Solutions for: